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Association of Czech Insurance Brokers (ACIB)
ACIB is a member of BIPAR


Association of Czech Insurance Brokers is a professional organization of legal entitties with an opportunity for natural persons´ associate membership. Its mission consists in the protection of common interests of members and in the care of the fair assertion of insurance brokers on the local insurance market as well as on a world-wide scale. The Association is particular about the increasing of professional level of its members, ethical proportions of the practised proffesion and consolidation of the reputation of insurance brokers.

About us

The Association of Czech Insurance Brokers (ACIB) was founded in March 1994 at the initiative of the international brokers´ companies active in the Czech Republic in order to defend common professional interests and to cultivate the prestige of the new profession within the Czech financial market. Later, in 1999, another professional organization – Chamber of Insurance Brokers – was established, mostly by Czech-owned firms. The two bodies finally merged into one in 2005, under the name of the Association of Czech Insurance Brokers.

The ACIB percieves its main mission in a number of spheres: legislation, ethics, publicity, education, professional problems of the profession, international contacts.

The ACIB is invited to give comments on the draft laws in insurance. It played a crucial role in the preparations of the Insurance Intermediaries Act  (Act Nr. 38/2004 Coll. on the insurance intermediaries and independent loss adjusters) and in the decree. It had also an opportunity to give its views and proposals on the content of the EU Directive on insurance mediation through the European organization BIPAR.

The prestige of every profession can be jeopardized by an unethical conduct of some individuals. The Association makes every effort to eliminate any possibility of such excesses and requires its members to strictly abide by its Code of Ethics (= code of conduct), last amended by the ACIB General Assembly in June 2009.

The Association makes every effort to increase the professional level of both its members and the insurance brokers in general. ACIB has been organizing a lot of lectures and seminars and its already traditional annual Conferences have become a must to attend.

International contacts
The ACIB became a member of BIPAR (European Federation of Insurance Intermediaries) in October 1998. This membership (as well as in the World Federation of Insurance Intermediaries and in the Partners of Intermediaries) means the ACIB can use the valuable information from BIPAR, share the experience of other member associations and rely on their friendly assistance as well as be involved in the process of the legislative works of the European union. The admission of the Czech Republic to the EU and a new relevant legislation enable Czech insurance brokers to expand their businesses into the whole European Economic Area and on the other hand to meet foreign colleagues´ competition at home. Single insurance market of the European Union became also our market.

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